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What is a website and what is it for

For a business, having a website today is critical.

This is because it is useful to you and users. It is a golden opportunity to intrigue, tell who you are and what you do and above all what you can do for users. Tell your story, your values, make yourself known and appreciated. In addition, I can quickly and easily find information that can be useful to me, such as phone number, email and social media.

If I book a holiday, or a table in a restaurant, or I want to visit a museum or simply go to a shop, I am not satisfied with searching through the OTA (Online Travel Agent – examples: Expedia, Booking and Venere) or the metasearch (Trivago , Tripadvisor and Kayak), or Google.
Once I find a situation that interests me, after reading the various reviews and being happy with it, I do some other research and the first thing is to check if the structure in question has a website. It is not enough to have it but it must be appropriate for “me”. We are all segmented and analyzed and we are all part of a specific target (unfortunately), so once my research and analysis is over I book or go to visit the shop physically.
It may be absurd, but if the business does not have a functional, well-made, updated and up-to-date site, there is a possibility that I will be discouraged.

It’s sad but it works like that for most people, why? Because having an updated and functional website is a guarantee that automatically gives me confidence and shows me that the business exists and is alive. Not only that, but it seems that if you are not on the web today you really don’t exist! This is because, as a user, I have to find you easily otherwise I will go to someone else who wants to be found.

You always have to put yourself in users’ shoes.

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