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Lettering on the wall for private

When Antonella, a dear friend of mine from La Spezia, asked me to make a decoration for her on a wall of her new home, she gave me two indications: a sentence and color.

The phrase is “Dream your life in color, this is the secret of happiness” by Walt Disney.
The color was burgundy and another one of my choice.

She wasn’t clear what kind of style she would like and fit for her home, so I made several drafts in order to explore all possibilities and take the right path.

I wanted the decoration to become something more than a simple writing on the wall, to be the heart of his home. The writing was already a positive message but something more was needed, “made to measure” and so knowing that its land of origin is Sicily I didn’t think twice about integrating it into the writing, so that it could have “a little from house to house “.

Needless to say, this proposal was chosen !! Not only for the island but also for the details of the writing.

Once I had chosen the draft, I was able to work on the color, until we found the perfect one together.

This is the result of this wonderful collaboration !!

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