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Chalk Lettering

Chalk lettering refers to hand-written drawings and decorations made on blackboard using chalk, obtaining real works of art.
The figure that deals with this creation is called Chalkboard Artist.

Before a customer walks through the entrance, the chalkboard is the first thing that comes to view, thus representing the activity’s business card, giving an idea of attention, enrichment and cares about the details. Immediately, it provides a positive effect, having also a simple and unique charm that belongs to something made in the past, as if it take us back.
Therefore, it is not just a matter of writing words on a blackboard, but it’s a real discipline.

lavagne decorate ristoranti 5 terre

The blackboard is an effective communication tool that reflects the image of the shop, bringing an important added value, gives by its versatility of use (it can be used to write menus, quotes, idioms, specific information, your company philosophy and much more) making the message we want to convey in a unique special way, there is not a blackboard that is the same as another.


Creative process

After listening the needs of the customer, I always start from the study and analysis of the business and its image, then I analyze all the information gathered: objectives, competitors, company philosophy, style, the brand and its identity.

Design on paper

Once the analysis is finished and I clearly understand the message that needs to be transmitted, I start the design phase, adapting it to the context: I drawn sketches and ideas on paper and, once I’m satisfied, i go to the next step.

decorazioni su lavagne ristoranti, bar, gelaterie 5 Terre, La Spezia


With the draft ready, I can proceed with the execution phase !!
Depending on the blackboard and its size, I elaborate the preliminary design of my sketch with chalks, so by referring to the track, i’ll define it later with colored chalk and chalk markers.

When I make decorations and writings on blackboards I always try to relate to the environment. The messages, the designs created, the lettering, the style, everything must always be coordinated with the space and the context because:

“Tiny details imperceptible to us decide everything.”
– Winfried Georg Sebald

lavagne decorate bar, gelateria 5 terre, La Spezia


The materials and tools I use are:
paper, pencil, colored pencils, brushes, felt pens, chalk, penknife, chalk markers, lines / squares, cotton buds, sponge with water, hairspray.


We all love blackboards!

The blackboards work always because gives emotions and always convey the right message: to impress a message we need sentiment, a communication must have a soul.

A blackboard decorated with its genuine simplicity and its retro and vintage style they make a local special, because we live in the age of the digital, of “everything and now”, instead, we need emotions, and we still love and really love the handmade, antiques, crafts, “home-made”, newspapers, perfumes, moka, vespa, fiat 500… everything that is tangible and shows and highlights the commitment and the passion of people for really important things.

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