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Logo Design

What is a logo and why it is so important.

A business without a logo is like a person with no name.

Of course, there may be activities that choose not to have it, but there must be an idea behind it and a reason.

The logo is the name of a company, how it presents itself to the world and must represent it as much as possible.
It must convey its identity.

A logo must be:
– Rememberable
– Readable
– Recognizable
– Identifier
– Adaptable
– Compact

There are several types of logos:
– Monograms
A composition of two or more letters of the brand name put together.

– Acronomes
The initials of a company name.

– Pictograms
It is a symbol, drawing, representing a concept or a real element.

– Diagrams
It is a symbol, abstract design, representing a concept or a non-real element.

– Pay-off
Sentence that accompanies and reinforces the message.

The logo tells a story, the values, the mission of an activity and has very little time to do it, because in those short seconds it must convince its target that “they are the right choice”.

It is the first element with which users interface and represents the company.

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