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Brand Identity

Brand Identity. This unknown.

Brand identity is often confused with brand, logo, brand, brand, etc …

Instead the discussion is a little different.
The Brand Identity or Brand / Company Identity is made up of a series of elements that all together build a relationship with the target and transmit the values, the characteristics that identify, differentiate and make an activity recognizable.

The elements that characterize a Brand Identity are:
– logo
– forms (business cards, letterheads and invoices), printing such as posters, posters, printing on vehicles (trucks, vans, cars).
– graphics (patterns, textures, characters, icons)
– packaging and packaging
– merchandising (objects with printed or embroidered logo that reflects the values of the business)
– photo
– interior design
– company signs
– menus for restaurants
– greeting cards, thank you cards, wedding announcements etc …
– motion design (animated videos)
– website
– presence on social media

Obviously you can go on and on, depending on the project you can study different strategies.

The result of all these elements is:
how the activity presents itself to people and its target, how they are perceived by their audience, but above all a clear image that stands out from its competitors.
Everything is monstrously studied in detail.

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