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I love Sir Rasputin (my black cat).yellow tarot with bolas.coloring and act.go on skates and in sk8.minimal style.

Hi! My name is Zoe and I am a visual designer.

I love Brand Identity, i.e. creating, restoring all those elements that characterize the image and that transmit the values of an activity, so that they are clear for a specific target (people you want to reach).

But the real reason I love it is the design, the creative process behind an idea, because that’s what holds up all the work. The foundations must be solid, otherwise everything collapses. It’s the most important part of the job for me, and also the one that can take longer, but once the concept is found, the project takes shape almost by magic and everything seems so “easy and simple”, but in reality it is not.

But the simplest ideas are the most difficult and best.


Suite Adobe (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects), HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Reflex Canon 1200D, wacom, chalk, paper, lapis, brush and markers.


Concept development brand identity (pay off, logo design and business cards, design and  and website creation, UI and UX, social communication, storyboard, motion design video 2D).

Transversal skills

Photography, painting, calligraphy, lettering, chalk design, wedding invitation.

Guide phrase


Workshops & Seminars

January 2020

“Calligraphy – Brush Pen” workshop – by Elisa Mavra

October 2019

“Calligraphy – Italic English” workshop – by Alessandra De Lellis

June 2019

“Graphics – Composition Techniques” Workshop – by Alex Barocco

May 2019

“Calligraphy – Let’s Write” workshop – by Yvat & Klerb

January 2019

“Calligraphy – Roman Capital” workshop – by Francesca Biasetton

November 2018

“Calligraphy – Italico, Brush Lettering” workshop – by Monica Dengo

October 2018

“Calligraphy – One Letter a Day” workshop – by Yvat & Klerb

July 2018

“Calligraphy – The Secret of Spencerian” workshop – by James Farrell

May/June 2018

“Calligraphy – Italico” workshop – by Anna Ronchi

April 2018

“Calligraphy – Italico” workshop – curated by Francesca Biasetton

February/October 2017

“Creative Photography” course – Academy of Visual Arts Florence

February 2017

Seminar of “Archetipi – Loveting” – by Gianluca Lisi

May 2016

Seminar “The figure of the Project manager” – by Caterina Landi

October 2015

Calligraphy workshop – by Caterina Scardillo

January 2015

Short course (five meetings) on Pop up – by Francesco Petracchi

September 2014

“Aesthetics vs functionality” workshop – by David Davidopoulos and Irene Laschi

November 2013

“Aesthetics vs functionality” workshop – by David Davidopoulos and Irene Laschi

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